DOWAS NEWS 2017 Vol.20 No2


"Oyster Cultivation Method Utilizing Deep Ocean Water" Patent Acquisition
Kyoko Washiashi (President of GO Farm Inc.)  ... 1
DOW Use Promotion Committee 2017 Hokkaido Convention Report
Katsuhisa Yamada (Chairman of DOWAS Use Promotion Committee) ... 3
The 21st DOWAS National Convention in Hokkaido 2017 Report
Katsunori Shimizu (Chairman of DOWAS Convention Planning Committee) ... 4
2017 Taiwan DOW Resource Utilization Conference Report
Huang Ping-Yi (Director of Taiwan Society of Deep Ocean Water Resource Application) ... 7
On Participation in the 4th Korean International DOW Symposium
Masayuki Takahashi (President of DOWAS) ... 10
China Deepwater Energy Conference 2017
Masayuki Takahashi (President of DOWAS) ... 14