By-laws, List of the awarded winners
“DOWAS Award” Candidate Nominations

April 1, 2018
DOWAS Award Review Committee
Chairman Yasuyuki Ikegami

DOWAS is seeking nominations for the 2018 awards in the following categories. As self-nomination, or nominating others is welcome, we ask for your assistance in nominating many people.
Nomination Deadline:
July 31, 2018 (Tuesday)
Attached form (post or email)
1-4 Honjo-cho, Saga-shi 840-8502 Japan
DOWAS Secretariat (within IOES)
C/O Takeshi Yasunaga
Phone: 0952-20-4745
By-laws of selecting the prize of Deep Ocean Water Applications Society
By-laws of selecting the Deep Ocean Water Applications Society Prize
  1. Objectives of awarding the prize
    The Deep Ocean Water Applications Society Prize (hereafter, Society Prize) is the prize for recognizing publicity an individual or group who promotes research on deep ocean water applications and/or makes results contributing greatly to the public in other related works.
  2. Object of awarding the Society Prize
    Individual or group member who is self-recommended by a member or recommended by other member(s).
  3. Objects of selection
    ①Scholarly paper(s)
    ②Article(s), poster presentation(s)
    ③Promotion of application work(s)
    ④Other object(s) nominated by the selection committee
  4. Selection of the Society Prize
    • Setting up the selection committee in the board of directors.
    • Organizing the selection committee with several members including the chairman.
    • Term of service for each member is 1 year, and reappointment is not prohibited.
    • The chairman selects the candidate of the Society Prize, and recommends it/them to the board of directors.
    • The board of directors decides the Society Prize winner(s) based upon the recommendation(s) of the selection committee.
    • One to two awards will be given each year.
  5. Awarding time
    The Society Prize is given at the annual meeting every year.
  6. Prize
    A certificate of merit is given.
  7. Other
    The prize winner(s) will present a memorial lecture at the annual or general meeting and publish the contents in the society journal, “Deep Ocean Water Research”.
Winner's list of the Deep Ocean Water Applications Society Prize
Year Winning object Achievement title
2018 Nomination Deadline:July 31, 2018 (Tuesday)
2016 Kazutoshi OKAMOTO
(Shizuoka Prefectural Research Institute of Fishery)
Verifying the effectiveness of using deep ocean water for rearing aquatic life, especially, Crustacea including the promotion of its use
Yoshizumi ASAKAWA(Marine Gold Co .,Ltd.)
Ako Kasei Co .,Ltd.
Hiroaki TAKEUCHI(Kochi Medical School)
Utilization of desalinated deep ocean water as drinking water, and evaluation of its medical application and health properties
Bade Haus Kumejima
(Kumejima Council of Deep Sea Water)
(Muroto, Kochi)
(Graduate School of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Toyama)
Utilization of deep ocean water for hot-water facilities, evaluation for its health effects and popularization
2015 Okinawa Prefectural Deep Sea Water Research Center Establishment of culture technologies of temperate vegetables under subtropical climate using cold energy of deep ocean water
Katuhisa YAMADA
(Head, DSW Laboratory, DHC Corporation)
Research on applications of deep ocean water and its new challenges
2014 Shimizu Corporation
Taisei Corporation
Nippon Salvage Co., Ltd.
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
Development of pump up technologies of deep ocean water onto land and its popularization
2013 Yasuyuki IKEGAMI
(Professor, Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University)
(President, Xenesys Inc. )
(General Manager, Environmental Energy Division, Green Factory, Yokogawa Electric Corporation )
Makoto OZAKI
(IHI Plant Construction Co., Ltd.)
Development of high efficiency system of ocean thermal energy conversion and its first practical applications in the sea in the world